Rajasthan’s government re-sends anti-conversion bill.

By June 30, 2006

India (MNN)–Rajasthan’s anti-conversion bill hit another hurdle. While it did pass through Parliament, Dave Stravers of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India says it wasn’t a done deal. “The bill that was passed by the Parliament in Rajasthan, in order to become law, it needs to be signed by the governor.”

Last month, Governor Pratibha Patil refused to sign the bill, which seeks to ban forced conversions. “This governor sent the bill back to the Parliament. Now, there evidently is a provision also, that the Parliament can bypass the governor and forward the bill directly to the President of India.” Parliament members have now made a formal request for that action.

Stravers sees it as an act of desperation, because of the continued strength of the church. India, he says, is very open to the Gospel. Hundreds of thousands are responding to the hope of Christ, especially those from the large Dalit caste.

That means persecution will likely continue. “Those people who are in control and who are in lockstep with Hindu extremists and nationalists, who see Christianity as a threat to their position and their way of life, are going to do everything they can to oppose it.”

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