Reaching sufers, goal of CSI

By August 4, 2004

International (MNN/CSI) — Surfing has often been described as the largest sub-culture in the world. In fact, according to statistics it’s estimated that there are 10-million surf craft users globally.

Throughout the world in the coastal communities of every continent, more and more people are enjoying the excitement of what, for many, is not just a sport but a lifestyle. In fact, it’s often even more than that. For many, the exhilaration of riding the wave and being at the mercy of God’s creation is a kind of spiritual experience.

But whether it is that, or just something to do on a Saturday afternoon, surfers, like anyone, often have questions about life. How did I get here? What’s it all for? How can I deal with situations that seem out of my control?

Christian Surfers International says the Bible has the answers to those questions and problems that people face today. Now, after 1 1/2 years of translation work and 6 months of preparing the final publication, the Christian Surfers International have their own Bible. The Surfer’s Bible isn’t just any old Bible. Along with New Testament scriptures, there’s some writings and photographs from current professional short-boarders, long-boarders, body-boarders, shapers and others who know what difference having God in your life can make. It’s full color, and looks like anything but a Bible! We wanted to produce a copy of the new testament that is easy to read and attractive for anyone to pick up and read.

After all Jesus was the first surfer as we can read in Matthew 14 when the waves were up and Jesus went walking on the water. But of course Jesus doesn ‘t need a board to go surfing.

The Surfers Bible has had tremendous success in other countries around the world. With around 60,000 copies in print and distribution to over 6 different countries, this version of the Bible was one of the best selling books in Australia for 2002. So we are now proud to present the official release of the ‘Surfers Bible’ in easy to read Japanese on the 30th July 2004. If you’d like to get hold of some copies, just contact Christian Surfers Japan.

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