Rebellion convulses Haiti; Christians continue to minister.

By February 13, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–Flaming blockades are a common sight on Haiti’s main roads as the clash between government supporters and protestors continued this week.

Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has vowed to serve out his term in office, despite days of unrest aimed at forcing him to resign, and rumors of a coup d’etat in the planning.

It’s now becoming a side note to the story that the blockades are creating the potential for a humanitarian crisis. With supplies stuck in the port cities with no way in by road, there is limited fuel supply, limited food, no electricity, and the water supply is threatened.

World Vision’s Kate Scannell-Michel (SKAN-ul mees-SHELL) says their teams are watching the situation. “The roads are blocked and we are able to continue our activities in most of the areas where we are working. If the roads continue to be blocked, we will have to cut down on some of our activities, but we are looking at alternative methods to make sure we can reach the people who need our help.”

Scannell-Michel says it’s a time for full-scale ministry to those under siege. “We’re working because of our belief in Jesus Christ and we’re able to respond by giving people food, helping people eint heir need, and that’s really the practical Gospel that we’re able to share with the people.”

Pray for the safety of the teams as they make contingency plans in a dangerously fluid situation.

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