Rebels are turning to Christ in Colombia, peace talks are planned

By April 18, 2006

Colombia (MNN) — The government and rebels have been fighting for years in Colombia. Guerrillas have been responsible for kidnappings, killing, attacks and other atrocities all in four decades of violence. Now, God is moving in the ranks.

Founder of Book of Hope International Bob Hoskins says the story is pretty amazing. “A pastor made some contact with some of the rebel groups and actually led one of the rebel leaders to the Lord and he invited him to come into the rebel held territory and God just worked miracles for him.”

Hoskins says Book of Hope is also having a profound impact on another group. “Book of Hope has found openings in the military. In fact, the military commander makes available their helicopters to fly our personnel and our books — their goal is to give every member of the military a Book of Hope and a Book of Hope presentation.”

According to reports, at least one of the rebel groups, the 5,000 member National Liberation Army (ELN), recently held exploratory talks in Havana with the Colombian government, but came away with an agreement only to meet for talks again in April. We asked Hoskins if he attributes this to the many people on both sides coming to Christ. “Absolutely! Absolutely! I think we’ve distributed about 80,000 Books of Hope in that rebel held territory — to their rebel leaders, so, yeah, it is a work of the Lord for sure.”

Funding is needed to more work. $1 can place a Book of Hope into the hands of three people.

Colombia’s main leftist guerrilla group, the 17,000-member Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, says it will not deal with the current government. Pray that God would work in hearts of these leaders as well.

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