Record attendance on Easter Sunday anticipated in Jackson, Mississippi.

By April 7, 2004

USA (MNN)–International Bible Society (IBS) and more than 30 local Christian leaders and churches in central Mississippi are teaming up to provide thousands of individuals and families in Jackson and the surrounding area a special Gospel of Luke, The Servant King, as an insert in their Sunday newspaper, The Clarion Ledger.

Riding on the popularity of the movie, “The Passion of the Christ”, Jarvis Ward, of Mission America, put together a test model distribution for the International Bible Society’s Gospel of Luke.

“They would be distributed with the Sunday newspaper–by going with the newspaper carriers, getting into a home. So, even though it be 93-thousand homes, we believe that as the book is passed around, you’re talking about double that amount, maybe even triple that amount who would be exposed to God’s Word.” The Scripture pieces are specifically intended to help churches reach individuals who have seen the film but have never actually read the story.

Along with the Scripture portion, there is an invitation to attend a local church service on Easter Sunday. “The response, we hope, would be measured by attendance at church, in terms of visiting a local church over the coming weeks, or even months, for that matter. So then, the actual follow up is done by individual Christians who make up the membership of local congregations.”

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