Record year expected with Global Missions Fellowship

By May 18, 2004

USA (MNN) — “I think we’re going to experience a record year this year, in terms of the number of people take overseas.” That’s the word from Global Missions Fellowship’s Phil Hamblin.

Hamblin says the focus of their ministry is mentoring national pastors and encouraging them to plant churches and then when their ready, we give them training. He says, “They pick the place where they want to start the new church and we bring a team over to work with them. So, a church from over in the U-S partners with a church overseas and for a week we evangelize their neighborhood, using a Bible, the Evangecube and their testimonies. We see hundreds of people come to faith in Christ and all those new people are forming the nucleus of a new church.”

Hamblin says more than 120 teams will be going this year, which is a record. “Normally we’ll take about 1,700, we call them campaigners, overseas and this year I think we’ll be well over 2,000. We’ve already almost reach what we did last year and we’re not even in to June yet,” says Hamblin.

What’s the cause of the increase? “You got me?” says Hamblin. “I believe God is moving in the hearts of people.”

He says this is great news, especially since the number of churches with missions programs decreasing in the U-S. “There may be fewer church goers these days, and fewer of the churches that are left that are involved in missions, but the ones that are getting involved in missions are really seriously getting involved.”

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