Recycled truck helps ministry in South America

By August 23, 2004

Ecuador (MNN) — A medical caravan truck is starting a new chapter of ministry as two missionaries drive it from Ecuador to Bolivia.

HCJB World Radio’s Hermann Schirmacher and missionary friend Peter Giesbrecht are returning the truck to Bolivia. But, only after driving it to Quito where staff mounted to the frame, a medical clinic chassis that HCJB World Radio no longer needed. Schirmacher explains. “Together with Bolivian Hilfe (aid) from Germany and this missionary in Bolivia we bought this car. So HCJB is doing a donation of this old body, and helping finance the modification and transportation.”

They’ll cover nearly 5,000 kilometers, crossing desert, jungle and high mountain passes. They’re asking people to pray for safety and that they’ll be able to get through border crossings easily.

The project fits well with HCJB’s desire to partner with local evangelistic ministries in both broadcast and health care ministry projects.

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