Red tape threatens a ministry in Russia.

By November 8, 2005

Russia (MNN)–OMS International missionary visas could be in jeopardy because of registration issues in Russia.

Organizations have to register annually with the department overseeing ‘Letters Of Invitation’ required for visas. But they have to go through the Tax Department in order to get the ball rolling.

With deadlines nearing, the pressure was on to register the Blagovest Church Association with the Office of Visa and Registration (OVIR).

As the process seemed to be drawing to a close, the OVIR then notified OMS that they required the responsible person (in this case, the Bishop) to register in Moscow in order for the group to be registered.

It’s another hoop to go through, time consuming and expensive. Pray that the regisration process would end soon, and that God would be glorified throughout.

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