Religious leaders in Nigeria ask Nigerians to turn to God

By August 20, 2004

Nigeria (MNN/Compass) — Christians are pleading that Nigerians turn to God as the religious crisis has engulfed the central Nigerian state of Plateau. The violence has claimed an estimated 10,000 lives in three years and destroyed property worth millions of dollars. Over 300 churches have been destroyed, 250,000 people displaced, and $1.25 million spent on relief.

According to Compass Direct News, Christian leaders Jos have asked for repentance and a return to God by both Christians and Muslims to solve the issue. Others say that the new tactic by Islamic extremists of kidnapping Christians must stop if violence is to end.

Meanwhile in Kebbi state, police arrested the leader of an extremist Islamic sect and the governor has apologized to Christians on the behalf of the Kebbi government for previous violence.

Pray that believers will be a testimony of during this time of violence and that many Muslims will turn to Christ.

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