Remote islanders experience the touch of Christ.

By March 23, 2006

South Asia (MNN) — Fifteen months ago, the Indian Ocean Tsunami ravaged the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Hundreds of people from isolated tribes were airlifted from the islands in order to survive. The Bridge International focused their support to help a pioneer Indian missionary who’s been serving there for 18 years.

It was Christians serving with this pioneer missionary who aided the victims. The team now says it would like to buy between five and ten acres of land and build a village for 100 destitute victims and their families, providing each of them with a one room house with a kitchen.

As for continuing ministry, their team member says he wants to get a TV and CD player, so that the people can see and hear Gospel CD programs. Every evening, the teams go and pray for the villagers and conduct children’s classes. He says, “Since we could not go to the tribes, they have come to us!”

Pray that the love and presence of God these victims experienced will cause them to seek Him now that they’re back home.

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