Resourcing ministry falls into shortage of seminary books.

By July 19, 2006

International (MNN)–Christian Resources International’s Fred Palmerton says they’re facing a shortage of seminary-specific books. “It was brought to a point yesterday. We had a missionary in from India in with friends to shop our library. Their main focus was for seminary books.”

But the shelves were sadly bare of the kinds of books the missionary was hoping to find. Sometimes retiring pastors donate their libraries, and other times, books come in from estates.

Palmerton says for those who know of someone ridding themselves of the kinds of resources used by seminarians, he urges them to send the books to CRI.

At present, “We are limiting that to 8 volumes per visit because the shortage is just so great.” This particular missionary was hoping for enough books to fill out a seminary library at home in India.

But his is not an unusual circumstance. Many other missionaries visit CRI hoping to help outfit a seminary library at home, but go away with fewer tools than they need.
While they’re grateful for what they do get, the shortage causes Palmerton to urge people to send them old seminary helps. “There are seminaries all over the world that are looking for those kinds of books. So, if they have those kinds of books, Bible help books and commentaries and sermon lesson books, we need them.”

If you want to help, contact Christian Resources International.

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