Revival in America’s youth is the focus of new outreach material

By February 20, 2004

USA (MNN) — As many seek revival in the United States an organization supporting such a movement is targeting youth of their society. Life Action Ministries has released a new three week devotional called, “Revolution”.

Life Action’s Russ Simonson says it’s “calling kids and youth to come out of their status quo Christianity, their carnal culture, and to really become an outright Christian. (We want them to be) a person that lives for Christ with a passion and a vision to become and re-evolve to be more like the person of Jesus Christ.”

Simonson believes there’s a great need for this type of resource. “So many of them are so caught up in just coming to church night after night and not really knowing why they’re there or what the bigger picture (is) and even the purpose of church,” says Simonson.

Youth today want to know they have a major purpose in the world today, says Simonson. “I think you see it in the culture. I think you see it in the news. I think you see it in the cable channels, on the music channels on tv. I think youth are looking for a life that has some kind of meaning because right now the way they live, it really doesn’t for them,” he says.

Simonson believes the “Revolution” can have a major impact on the youth culture today. “Once a Christian youth has gotten a vision of Christ, everything in his life will be radically changed. And, because of that change people will begin to notice that outward change in their life.” That will eventually lead people to ask questions and provide opportunities to talk about Christ.

The goal is to place this tool in every young person they minister to in the upcoming months.

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