Revival is hitting a city in Midwest USA

By June 30, 2005

USA (MNN) — It started with a newspaper advertisement. God is using it to move in the hearts of believers in a community in Midwest America.

Life Action Ministries’, Byron Paulus tells us the story. “A local church bought a full page ad asking forgiveness from pastors and other churches because of their failure as a church in that community and their criticism of other churches, and that has spawned or quickened in the hearts of other pastors in the community that God may be up to something.”

As a result of that ad, some 60 pastors and leaders from that community across all denominational lines are gathering together, believing God wants to send a spiritual awakening. Paulus says, “So, they’re praying. They’re fasting. They’re gathering together one day a week as pastors. Never before in this city have pastors been together for any cause, let alone revival in their community.”

Life Action was contacted to help these pastors and church leaders follow God’s leading.

Paulus says he hasn’t seen anything like this in the United States for a long time. “You really have to go back deep in to history, I believe, in order to find that kind of Spirit-driven cooperation among all church leaders, for something that God has surfaced, versus something that God has planned.”

While spiritual renewal is exciting, Paulus is excited about something else. “I really do believe that revival results in supernatural evangelism. We can put all of our man-made efforts together to evangelize, but when God moves in the hearts of His people the natural result of that is supernatural evangelism, where people are almost unexplainably drawn to the Lord.”

Pray for the hunger and thirst for these leaders to grow and that they would be willing to pay the price for revival.

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