Romanian radio stations are helping the church grow

By April 20, 2004

Romania (MNN) — It’s the largest Christian radio station network in Europe, according to Little Samaritan Mission’s . At least, Little Samaritan’s Florin Pindic Blaj doesn’t know of any other country with as many local Christian radio stations as there are in Romania. They currently 15 radio stations, but they’d like that to increase.

Those radio stations are having an incredible impact on church growth. Pindic Blaj says evangelicals believers are giving him great reports. “They made this statement, they said, in six years we didn’t bring so many people into church like the Little Samaritan radio stations did in six months,” says Pindic Blaj.

While Christian radio stations exist in 15 markets in Romania, Pindic Blaj says there’s still work to do. He says, “There are parts of Romania, big cities, major cities, which do not have at all Christian radio stations or even an evangelical church. So, I want God to enable us to put to the light of the Gospel in these cities.”

Romania’s Communications Commission is getting ready to make even more frequencies available, but Little Samaritan’s lack of funding could pose a problem. “The finances are the biggest problem. I had people who didn’t receive a salary for two months. But, they’re still saying in as a part (of it).

It costs about $35,000 a month to operate the ministry. Pindic Blaj says help from the west is needed. “They’re very, very poor and they can not support (the radio network),” says Pindic Blaj. He says, however, that this could change in one year now that Little Samaritan is on satellite and the audience from western Europe is growing and they can afford to help. “I’m look in less than a year to have support from Romanian immigrants in western Europe.”

The dollars value against the Euro has also hurt Little Samaritan’s work. Compared to the Euro, the U-S dollar is now only worth about 70-cents. Pray that funding will be available so Christian radio can expand in Romania.

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