Rumors of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo prompts a call to prayer.

By September 3, 2004

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN)–International pressure is mounting in the Democratic Republic of Congo on the rebels to return to the government.

Their abrupt departure from the power-sharing agreement last week pushed the country back to the brink of civil war.

Violence between the majority Hutu tribe and the minority Tutsis has afflicted the Great Lakes region of central Africa for over a decade.

Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton says it’s a very sensitive situation. “We keep hearing news that comes back. One time it’s negative, one time it’s positive. It is a very big concern because where all this trouble would take place, if it did flare up again, would be in the area where Grace Ministries International has most of its ministries.”

Vinton says recent refugee massacres in Burundi serve as a graphic reminder of the longstanding ethnic divisions behind a generation of war. “I think we need to pray that the Lord would take away hatred that is in the hearts of many, many people. It’s tribal; it’s very, very tribal. We need to continue praying, especially for Christians that they will show a heart of forgiveness and peace.”

Five missionaries work with the national church organization in the areas of evangelism, church planting, education, medical work, and community development projects.

Church leaders are trained in our Bible college, Pastors’ School, and sixteen Bible institutes. A large medical center has recently been built in a Muslim area where the first church has been planted in an unreached people group.

One teacher training college, 27 high schools, and 130 grade schools are run by the national church. More than 400 churches have been planted in this country.

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