Russia may be headling back to its old dictatorial ways.

By December 12, 2003

Russia (MNN) — Evangelical Christian groups are concerned the Russian government may be heading back to their old dictatorial ways. But, President Vladimir Puti says he’s still fighting for economic and democratic reforms in Russia. However, with ties to the KGB many doubt it.

Victory in the recent election by those loyal to President Vladimir Putin means Russia’s major voices of democracy will be absent from the next parliament. Russian Ministries Surgey Rakhuba says, “All those who support democracy are out of the picture already. 37.5 percent of the Duma was taking by the United Russia Party.” This assures Putin’s re-election in March.
Rakhuba says, “He controls the Parliament at the same time he has an unlimited executive power in Russia today. It gives him a chance to change (the) constitution and take further action in this regard.”

Rakhuba is concerned that could mean an end to foreign missionary work in Russia. “Our main goal (is) to train nationals to do this ministry, if anything happens. And, if, let’s say, the door for foreign ministry would close in Russia, then we are able to say that we’ve trained enough national leaders that would be able to carry this ministry further.”

Pray that many Russia believers will step forward to receive the training and fill leadership positions in the church.

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