Russian Children get help despite customs problems

By February 7, 2006

Russia (MNN) — With the Russian government becoming more reluctant to allow foreign Christmas gift box distribution and demanding high custom duties, Russian Ministries was concerned that thousands of children would go without Christmas gifts this year. More importantly, they would go without receiving God’s Word.

However, God had other plans. Through the generous gifts from supporters with Russian Ministries and the resourcefulness of Next Generation Christians in the former Soviety Union, many children did receive Christmas gifts and also heard the wondrous story of that first Christmas.

From New Year’s Eve to Russian Christmas on January 7, in partnership with a Russian Christian businessman, their Moscow staff and other believers sponsored a play of the Christmas story. The venue for the performances was one of the largest theaters in Moscow. There were three performances each day. Some 3,000 children attended each day. Afterwards, each child received a gift along with a Bible or Christian book. It’s estimated that 25,000 children saw the story of the first Christmas and received God’s Word.

Russian Christian families also packed gift boxes for 5,000 children in Moscow. Russian Ministries Vice President Sergey Rakhuba says they plan to distribute 20,000 Christmas gift boxes next year and sponsor the play again next year. Funding is needed now, even though the ministry won’t actually get started until next Christmas.

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