Russian Christians travel 11 time zones to share the Gospel

By January 29, 2004

Russia (MNN) — A plan to take the Gospel to all of Russia is underway and many are responding favorably to the saving message that’s being shared.

It’s being called “The Gospel Expedition 2004”. Slavic Gospel Association’s Tom MacAdam. “What it is, is that SGA is currently partnering with the Evangelical churches of Russia in the largest and most significant…evangelistic outreach in the lands of Russia,” says MacAdam. He says, “They are essentially circumnavigating most of the entire nation of Russia.”

This is a huge task because MacAdam says, “They’re traveling across 10 time zones around a nation three times the size of the United States and doing it in the harshest of conditions.” But MacAdam says there’s a reason they’re doing it now. “This is the time of year you can reach areas where they don’t have roads. They’re traveling across frozen tundra, and lakes and up frozen rivers.”

The team of evangelists is being well received, says MacAdam. “In some of the towns that aren’t even on their scheduled stops, they’ll get stopped in these towns and people have meals prepared for them. People are hungry to hear what they have to say.”

The ‘Expedition” team is helping local church planters with evangelistic outreach on a scale they’re not capable of doing individually. That’s providing unique opportunities for them to share the Gospel through multi-media presentations, music and the spoken word.

Since SGA is a major supporter of this evangelistic campaign, financial support is needed. Prayer is also needed. “For the safety of the team. For the survival of these vehicles that they’re having to use and for them to reach the destinations that they’re going to and for the hearts of the people to be prepared to receive the message of the Gospel when they hear it,” says MacAdam.

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