Russia’s church celebrates a milestone.

By September 4, 2006

Russia (MNN)–Russian Christians are marking the 130-year anniversary of the first Russian language Bible.

When the first translation arrived in 1876, it was more expensive than most people could afford. In 1917, a revolution ushered in a state-mandated atheism that pervaded until 1989.

The fall of communism opened new doors. In 1993, the Bible League began working with local churches in Russia. Over the last 13 years, not only are churches being planted with regularity, but openness to the Gospel is unprecedented.

That means the new believers need tools and discipleship. The Bible League plans to provide more than 85-thousand Bibles, plus New Testaments, Bible study materials, and other Scriptures to ministry partners across Russia over the next year.

Teams are discipling new Christians regularly, and encouraging them to read God’s Word by engaging them in Bible study. Celebrate with the church there as their workers continue to share the hope of Christ.

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