Saddam Hussein’s capture could help mission work in Iraq.

By December 16, 2003

Iraq (MNN) — As the world wonders what the capture of Saddam Hussein will mean for Iraq’s future, Christians say it can only help them.

“Doc” is with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism . ABWE is focusing on Medical missions to share Christ. Doc says, “What I think will happen is it will free up many of the Iraqi people that have been frightened of reprisal. There have been some that have not been cooperating for fear that Saddam will come back and use all these things against them.”

The embargo against the country put Iraq behind the rest of the world in the medical community. Doc says, “when the blockade happened, not only were food stuffs blockaded and goods, but also knowledge. So a lot of the medical community is far behind (the rest of the world).

AWBE says they can help. “Doc” says, “By helping in education and supplies, what we do is we touch lives directly there. They get better medicine, better trained physicians that take care of the population. What we look forward to is long term relationships where we can talk about Jesus Christ with these people.”

Funding is needed to help get medical supplies and medical books into the country.

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