Sailing couple helps Bible translation

By July 9, 2004

Solomon Island (MNN) — Retirees from the secular work force are finding new careers in missions. At least that’s what Bob and Nancy Haussler have done. They’re now sailors with Wycliffe members, serving with JAARS. JAARS speeds Bible translation by providing quality services for Wycliffe Bible Translators and others.

Bob, who is a retired civil service engineer, says, “After taking a course in mission we felt compelled and an urgency to find some work that would be along the line of our experience. So, we applied to Wycliffe Bible Translators.”

“Through the process,” Bob says, “we found that there was a maritime program within Wycliffe. And, by the time they accepted us as members, they also identified the type of work they would like us to do.”

The Haussler’s goal is to keep translators in the field. Haussler says, “Whether it be from the stand point of traveling from one place to another over the water safely, the need for communications and energy. My wife is not only a sailor, but she’s trained in Biblical counseling.”

Early next year the Haussler’s be sailing their 49 foot vessel to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific to help translators living on the islands in the region. They’re currently getting the ship ready for the 7,000 mile expedition. Pray for their safety.

Haussler says more workers are needed for this field and others. He says it takes eight to 14 people with various skills to help foster translation in the field. Call 704-843-6000 to find out what opportunities are available. You can also go to their web site

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