Sammy Tippit ‘virtually’ goes to China

By April 4, 2006

China (MNN) — China is number 10 on Open Doors World Watch list of countries that persecute Christians. As reports continue to trickle in about the government’s crackdown on unregistered house churches, Sammy Tippit Ministries is attempting to help these believers grow in their faith. However, he’s not physically going to China. He’s ‘virtually’ going.

This week Tippit launched a website to do just that. “We have just launched, today, a Chinese website. And, we’re providing materials for Chinese believers in the simplified Chinese text as well as in Mandarin in audio and video.”

According to Tippit China isn’t as poor and it used to be. “There’s a growing middle class in China. The economy is booming over there and people are coming up in their standard of life, which means they’re having internet access. In fact, Chinese is the second most read and spoken on the internet, second to English.”

Not only is the number of Chinese internet users increasing, but so is the church. “The fastest growing Christian community in the world is the Chinese church. When you have explosive growth the great need is for teaching, some basic discipleship and how to grow in Christ and so we’re going to be providing that on our website.”

According to Tippit, China isn’t too concerned about this content right now. “They’re so trying to block things that are political in nature, or pornographic that they haven’t done anything with Christian sites at this point. So, we feel pretty comfortable at least for right now.”

Prayer is needed for the overall state of the church, because the country is changing, say Tippit. “People are becoming more financially secure, they’re becoming more wealthy, and with that is coming that same thing that you have here in the west and that is apathy. We need to pray that they fire that has caused the Chinese church to grow would continue.”

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