SAT-7 launches new “Block Programming” schedule

By October 6, 2005

Middle East (MNN) — Women and youth in the Middle East and North Africa will be the beneficiaries of new “block programming” that was launched this week on SAT-7.

SAT-7, Christian satellite television for the region, has already started broadcasting hour-long blocks of shows specifically targeting these audiences of five to six million people. SAT-7’s CEO Terence Ascott says, “We’re very excited about the new ‘block schedule.’ It will help our viewers begin to identify and interact with our hosts on a daily basis. It also gives them an opportunity to watch their favorite kinds of programs at the same time every day and should therefore attract greater number of viewers to SAT-7’s Christian Arabic broadcasts.”

Mejella for youth and Kol El Dunia for women are just two new programming elements that have been added to the program line up. SAT-7’s Director of Program Production and host of the popular children’s show, As Sanabel, Rit El Mounayer says, “Our audience has been crying out for more programs. Having doubled the number of hours of new Christian programming every day (for children, youth, and women) is a great challenge. But I’ve seen the new programs and from the standpoint of quality and variety you cannot tell the difference between SAT-7 and the other leading secular Arabic channels, except that we have a message, something deeper to share,” says El Mounayer.

SAT-7 is seeking additional funds to sustain this expansion, actually doubling the amount of programs SAT-7 produces. Click on the link above if you’d like to help financially.

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