SAT-7 PARS broadcasts hope

By December 9, 2009

Iran (MNN) — To prevent students from joining protests
which have continued since June, BBC News says Iranian police surrounded Tehran
University earlier this week. Officials clashed violently
with protesters in Vali Asr Square. Amidst political turmoil nationwide, messages of peace and hope are being broadcast by SAT-7, a Christian
satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa. Desperate Iranians are turning to Christ as a

"They're looking for hope, for
answers," says SAT-7 Communications Manager David Harder, "and SAT-7
PARS is able to be a channel that the Lord Jesus is using to touch and change

In an earlier report, SAT-7 PARS Executive Director Sara
Afshari described the hopelessness plaguing the Iranian population.

"Everything in Iran is difficult," she says.
"Even before the election, many people in Iran had become disillusioned.
Some have turned to drugs, immoral lifestyles, and even suicide. This factor has led to an unprecedented interest in finding out more about the Christian faith."

SAT-7's Persian language channel, SAT-7 PARS, broadcasts
prayers for peace and displays encouraging Scripture to viewers. New programs have been designed to comfort viewers.

In June, the disputed re-election of President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad sparked a myriad of protests and civilian opposition. Thousands
took to the streets in the largest protests since 1979's Islamic Revolution. On
Monday, police officers used tear gas and batons against opposition supporters protesting
outside Tehran University. Iran's government has blocked communication and
banned foreign media coverage of events.

Despite Iran's extensive media bans and blockage, SAT-7 PARS
has overcome communication barriers. Harder says it's difficult and expensive
to block satellite television, and so far, SAT-7 broadcasts have been able to
reach audiences. Pray that these broadcasts continue to connect with listeners and that
disillusioned Iranians find answers in Christ. 

"We need to be praying really hard for Iran,"
Harder says, "that Christians would be protected, that this
situation would be taken care of, and that there'd be more freedom for everyone
in that country."

To learn more about SAT-7 PARS or to watch some of their programming,
click here. To support the ministry of SAT-7, click here.   

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