Scarcity creates an opportunity for global outreach.

By May 3, 2006

International (MNN)–Safe drinking water is an under-appreciated commodity in the developed world.

It also serves as the framework for Lifewater International’s mission. Lifewater’s Dan Stevens says they just wrapped up the ‘Significant Sacrifice’ campaign where participants saved snack money for use in a water project.

The observation, on a smaller scale, might bring home a point. Stevens notes, “There are a billion people without safe water and that they can have an effect by just simply giving up one little thing understanding their own poverty a bit, and then identifying with the poverty of the world.”

Stevens goes on to say the campaign also taught many about fasting with a purpose. “Safe water is the first step for community development for some kind of well-being in the community, and it’s transformational, in terms of health and wellbeing. When people understand that and then they come together as a community we also then talk about the power and transformation of Jesus Christ.”

Churches involved with the campaign raised an average of 15-hundred dollars each, which goes directly into ministry.

As part of their work, Lifewater sends qualified Lifewater Volunteer Trainers (VTs) to developing countries to train nationals to improve local drinking water supplies and community health. National crews are able to continue working and training others after VTs return home.

The teams share the Gospel message of living water with communities as they help break the cycle of disease and poverty.

If you want more information, contact Lifewater International using their information listed below.

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