Schools in India may open communities to future outreach.

By May 31, 2004

India (MNN)–A shocking upset in India’s elections, and a new government in place, headed by a non-Hindu.

The supposed impossible has come to India, bringing with it hope for change. Caste systems, prevalent under a Hindu administration, have an interesting future.

The potential for change has been long in coming, with a mass Dalit (untouchables) exodus from the Hindu faith several years ago.

Bibles For The World’s Rochunga Pudaite says a transformation is coming, with need driving response. So, when team leaders asked what the Dalits needed most, “They all said, “We need education. We need education to lift us up from this place.” And so, we opened three schools last year.”

Pudaite says the schools are one way of opening the community to greater ministry potential. Where there are schools, churches, hospitals and clean water wells follow, so, the need is great. “If we can open three thousand schools around New Dehli, we are praying that the Lord of the Harvest will send laborers, and that He will also provide the means whereby we will be able to bring education to these people, and along with that, we will share with them the life transforming message of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

That’s where Partnership Ministries comes in, Pudaite says. Believers are sponsoring nearly 1,500 needy school children, a hospital, and a seminary in northeast India.

And then, there’s church planting. Sponsors have helped plant more than 300 Indian churches through partnering with Indian national missionaries. Continue to pray they will be ready for challenges brought by the winds of change.

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