Security issues affect a mission group’s work in Darfur.

By April 7, 2006

Sudan (MNN)–A mini-peace summit is slated in Nigeria’s capital city Saturday. Talks will be aimed at finding quick ways toward a peaceful solution to Sudan’s Darfur conflict.

Jacob Kramer is the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee’s director of international relief. He says, “For now, we have returned to a reasonable degree of security in western Darfur, in which we are active. We are now back on full strength, yes. People are out of Khartoum and back in the office in Aljanina.”

Good news for the team. Their work was disrupted when they were pulled out at the outset of the March spike in hostilities. CRWRC was able to work in two of the three established program areas.

The team’s effort currently targets 90,000 internally displaced people and focuses on: food, seed, animal husbandry, sanitation, potable water, and health services.

Kramer says it’s because the war is an inter-Muslim conflict, people are questioning what they believe. Many times they begin to wonder why people who say they believe the same things are bent on destroying each other.

That’s where the door opens for CRWRC teams to offer some answers. Kramer explains, “As such there is quite an openness to our staff when they testify of why they’re out there, because that’s another question they are brining up. ‘Why would you be out in such a dangerous situation to help us here?'”

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