Seven native missionaries flee for their lives in eastern India.

By December 4, 2003

India (MNN)–The lives of native missionary pastor John Nayak and six other Gospel For Asia workers are on the line as anti-Christian groups pursue them in eastern
India’s Orissa state, long known for the persecution of Christians.

As God used Nayak to touch people’s lives both physically and spiritually, it caught the attention of those opposed to Christianity.

The trouble began last week, when a number of opponents threatened members of the local Believers Church and spoke rudely to Nayak’s wife. Four days later, they launched an attack on the pastor and his six companions, but they managed to escape and returned home.

Shortly thereafter, about 200 people from various anti-Christian groups initiated a procession to protest Christian conversions. The mob then proceeded to
Nayak’s house. Learning about the impending attack, the seven fled the area on foot, traveling without food to reach a Christian shelter in the jungle early this week.

Back in their home community, the anti-Christian mob burned 5,000 New Testaments and ransacked a neighboring Believers Church, breaking the windows and harassing the Christians. Please pray for those involved in ministry in this area.

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