Sharing God’s love in Brazil through football

By September 15, 2015
(Photo courtesy Operation Mobilization)

(Photo courtesy Operation Mobilization)

Brazil (OM) — All Operation Mobilization (OM) Brazil needed was a futsal court and a group of children and teenagers with too much free time on their hands. Both were readily available in a slum of São José dos Campos, where OM Brazil is based.

With an open heart willing to serve and share God’s love through football, OM team members started a futsal ministry in November 2014.

OM Brazil named the project Agape FC. Futsal–a type of football played on a smaller court–was developed in Brazil in the 1930s and 1940s, and is still a popular sport in the country.

The neighborhood where OM opened the futsal school is a slum like any other, with drugs, violence, and no hope for the future. Nevertheless, OM SportsLink Brazil saw an opportunity.

Through the futsal school, team members aim to reach children and teenagers between 6-16 years old. The goal is to serve the community by offering a healthy activity after school, seeking a practical way to relate to the kids and share about the true Life.

“They feel that we’re trustworthy and that they can put their trust in us to open up and talk about private subjects,” said Maria Fernanda Campos (a.k.a. Mafê), sports coordinator at OM Brazil. “They even ask us for advice. And in all this, we have the opportunity to walk together and to teach them according to the Word of God!”

The results speak for themselves. In just a few months of work, around 85 kids from the neighbourhood have joined the project.

“These results show just how impressive the doors are that sport opens,” said Mafê. In such a short time, the relationship between coach and players went past the game of football and formed a strong bond between them and their families.

“Our dream is to serve these kids and teenagers with excellence,” said Mafê. “We want to promote a healthy environment, to walk together, and to see them being transformed by the power of the Gospel that gives life!”

Working with sports is a constant challenge for OM team members. They strive for the best to overcome obstacles on and off the court. Please pray for the project, the work, and the children and their families. Are you interested in joining OM Brazil to reach people through sports? Go here!

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