Shoe project for VBS Congo project opens doors for Gospel

By July 9, 2009

Congo (MNN) — The ReachGlobal
Vacation Bible School giving opportunity for 2009 is to raise funds to provide shoes for
children in Congo. 

These kids are participants in
projects that are being run by sister evangelism ministry Global Fingerprints, an
orphan sponsorship program. Fifteen percent of the children in Congo are
orphans, mostly due to AIDs.

Most of the children are from the northwestern area of the Democratic
Republic of Congo and have lost one or
both parents to the disease of HIV/AIDS.

They live in a region of the developing world that often has no electricity
or running water and is nestled in a climate of political unrest and
instability. These orphaned children come from one poor family situation into
another poor family situation, with only the assistance from the
local church community, in most cases.

The family unit fortunately is still a strong stabilizing factor in the
rural settings of Congo, and the likelihood of a child becoming homeless and
left to the streets is minimal.

Through GlobalFingerprints, these
orphans are able to attend school, receive medical care, and be placed
in the home of a Christian family from a local Evangelical Free Church of

For most of these children,
walking is their only mode of transportation, and their shoes are nothing more
than worn-down flip flops.

The "Shoe Me" project has a goal to raise $25,000 to buy 2500 pairs of shoes for
these children.

Your church can help provide adequate
footwear for Congolese children in need. Click
here for details.


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