Shoes helps inner city ministry in the U-S

By July 14, 2006

USA (MNN) — The need for shoes is incredible around the world. Many orphans need them. They’re needed in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. But, shoe are also needed in the United States.

Here’s Life Inner City’s Ted Gandy says ministries in the inner city told him, “Among the poorest of the poor, shoes are really a status symbol in a poor community. So, at that point we decided, well, let’s see if we can start doing something by providing shoes for them so they can connect with the needy and help win them to Christ.”

That’s why they started the ‘Heart and Soul’ campaign. “This year, we’re trying to raise funds for 1,700 pair of shoes.”

Gandy says a 12 year old was playing basketball in his socks, because he didn’t have any shoes. Gandy says he was given a pair of shoes and that touch the whole family. “And, his mother has seen the love and care expressed to her son, she has now been draw to the church. So, we begin to see that not only the individual, but the family because of this expression and meeting a need.”

Donations of $26.60 are needed for each pair of shoes, says Gandy. “It isn’t a matter of just getting the cheapest shoes, although we can do that with the younger kids, but when they get to be 12 or 13 they really need something that’ll hold up. When those shoes get delivered, as will all of our compassionate programs, we include Scripture portions and some Gospel information and other ways we can connect with that family.”

Pray that many will respond to the need for shoes. Click on the link below to get connected.

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