Shortage of Bibles in Central Asia.

By November 11, 2004

Central Asia (MNN) — The Bible League is facing a Bible shortage in Central Asia.

Typically, Central Asian Christians have been reluctant to share Jesus with others. But recently, the tide has turned as pastors of local churches have challenged their congregations to help with the overwhelming need to share God’s Word with their communities.

The pastors partnered with the Bible League in Central Asia to promote the Year of the Bible’s “1+1+1” program in their churches, or one believer, plus one Bible, plus one neighbor. The goal is to get believers to read the Bible with their neighbors.

The response has gone beyond all expectations as unprecedented numbers of Central Asian Christians have accepted the challenge to study the Bible with a non-Christian friend. They are discovering what they can accomplish for God with Scripture.

The believers are using Bibles provided by the Bible League, which has caused the Bible supply to be depleted months earlier than planned! The Bible League needs more than 25-thousand Bibles, New Testaments and Children’s Bibles to meet the growing demand in just one Central Asian country.

You can help meet this need by giving toward the Year of the Bible fund. Go to and click on Year of the Bible or in the USA call toll-free 1-866-TBL-INFO.

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