SIM International is playing a strategic role in helping the African church further Gospel ministry.

By February 15, 2005

Africa (MNN) — The church in Africa will soon have its very own Bible commentary, written and edited entirely by African church leaders. The Africa Bible Commentary will be a great resource for the church in Africa, and SIM International has played a significant role in sponsoring the project.

Steve Strauss with SIM tells of the significance, “What makes this so exciting is that it’s being not only written by Africans but for Africans, that is addressed to African issues. There are so many issues that the church in Africa is grappling with that the church in North America just doesn’t have on its radar screen or isn’t as important.”

The African Bible commentary will explain Scripture and help apply it to the African context. But that’s not all; the commentary will also include articles on issues such as polygamy, inter-tribal issues, and the AIDS crisis – issues that are important to African pastors.

Strauss says, “We find this an exciting project on a genuine biblical contextualization of Scripture for the African situation.”

SIM has about 66% of the funding, but still needs help. If you’d like to help SIM with this project, you can go to their website at

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