Small group ministry helps train lay leaders in Hungarian churches.

By July 29, 2005

Hungary (MNN) — Bringing women to faith in Christ and grounding them in the Word of God – that’s the vision of Greater Europe Mission’s Betty Jean Sigethy as she serves the church in Hungary.

It’s an important ministry because, under communism, Hungary’s churches had nothing like Sunday schools or small group Bible studies to help train lay people in how to use the Bible. Sigethy says that people don’t know how to disciple others because they themselves have never been discipled.

As she develops relationships through small groups, Sigethy is mentoring and discipling women in six churches in Hungary’s capital Budapest and in outlying areas: “I’m trying to specifically reach women who are interested in starting a women’s group in their church. So I’m trying to multiply myself and train women so that they are able to go back to their villages and teach other women how to study the Bible and counsel one another in the faith.”

Sigethy’s passion is to train leaders and build up the church, but she also wants to see the vision spread: “Hopefully we’re going to plant a vision in them to go to their neighboring countries and reach those women, and so definitely it’s part of a greater movement.”

Greater Europe Mission asks prayer for their Hungary outreach. Young people in their teens to late twenties are the most open, which provides great opportunities for outreach and discipleship. Pray also that Betty Jean Sigethy will be able to connect with new pastors to start additional small groups to help train people in knowing, teaching and using the Bible.

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