Speaking a family’s heart language a crucial ministry.

By October 31, 2006

Papua New Guinea (MNN)–To reach a missionary family’s heart means not only to touch the adults, but also those that matter most to them.

Wycliffe Associates’ KidZone teams do just that when they minister to the children of their Bible translation teams.

This work is especially key when translation partners gather together at their annual conference for spiritual refreshment, personal encouragement, and professional enrichment.

While the adults are learning together, KidZone embraces the kids with teaching and activities that encourages their spiritual growth as well.

In March 2007, the Papua New Guinea (PNG) translation teams will be having their annual conference. The KidZone team will gather several days ahead for team building and travel preparations and to conduct Vacation Bible School for up to 200 children.

At the conclusion of the conference in PNG, the team will have the opportunity to celebrate Easter with the missionary families and the local Papuan partners.

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