Spiritual nurture comes into play for Hurricane relief.

By September 13, 2005

USA (MNN)–Despair, death, and destruction followed Hurricane Katrina.

However, storm evacuees are finally finding calm in the wake of a hurried evacuation. Millions of dollars in aid are pouring into refugee states for not only aid, but also rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

Bible Pathway Ministries’ Ken Sharp says Hurricane Katrina provided the inspiration for their latest project. It’s called, ‘Rescue the Perishing and Care for the Dying.’

Sharp says they’re in partnership with the Bethany World Prayer Center in Louisiana. “Bethany World Prayer Center has requested from Bible Pathway, 3000 Bibles and ‘Best of Bible Pathways,’ and our book ‘The Biblical Fundamentals of Prayer’ to be able to minister and to counsel with those that they are housing.”

It’s to help accomodate hundreds of the 500,000 that ran to Baton Rouge for safety. Projections are that as more and more people who were staying at hotels and with family members begin to run out of money, the shelters will continue to grow.

Sharp says thousands of people will be getting their physical and emotional needs met, but there’s more to it that that. “People there are open to try to find, in some way, a glimmer of hope, and a glimmer of where they can get some strength because right now, not only do they need the physical food, but they’re going to need something to strengthen them to be able to rebuild their lives.”

Rebuilding beauty, for some, from the ashes of their old lives.

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