Sri Lanka explosion hits World Vision project area.

By June 20, 2006

Sri Lanka (MNN)–A bus bombing last Thursday in Sri Lanka killed 64 people, 15 of which were children, in a World Vision project area.

The passenger bus was heading to Kebithigollewa, a region in northern Sri Lanka when it was attacked. The government claims the Tamil Tigers were responsible, a charge the rebel group denies.

Early reports indicate that no WVI staff was harmed in the direct attack, but there were concerns that people connected to the local projects were among the victims.

At the same time, numerous reports from World Vision staff in the area indicate fighting between the government forces and rebels has resumed in the surrounding jungle.

The attack on civilians brings up concerns of civil war, prompting a wave of refugees along the country’s northern borders. WVI teams have already launched a food relief effort, aiding 1,500 displaced families.

Please pray for the testimony and safety of team members who are sharing the hope of Christ with the people in this region.

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