Storms lash India, Bangladesh–believers respond.

By September 22, 2006

India (MNN)–Storms continue to lash already flooded areas in the Bay of Bengal. They have capsized dozens of fishing boats in the Bay of Bengal, toppled houses and washed away roads. Hundreds are missing or dead and thousands more, homeless.

Bible Pathway Ministries’ Karen Hawkins says they’ve heard from two of their partners in the flooded areas, one in Tamil Nadu, the other in Andhra Pradesh.

The report is grim. “There’s been loss of life, there’s been loss of all possessions and both have ended up taking in a number of orphans which has really stretched them to the limit because they were already full with orphans. So they have taken them in and are trying to minister to the people.”

But their teams haven’t lost sight of hope. Hawkins says, “One pastor wrote in and he said, ‘Dr. Hash, please send 500 Holy Telagu Bibles for us to give free distribution to the flood people.'”

Amidst the suffering, Hawkins says his vision is sharp. “He knows floods are going to come again. He knows monsoons are going to come again. He wants to make sure people have the opportunity to know Christ before they go through a similar situation.”

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