Story number 1 for 1 Dec 2000

By December 1, 2000

Headlining today’s news Jean-Bertrand Aristide has won presidential elections in Haiti in what many observers says was a low voter turnout. Many people were afraid to vote for Aristide’s opposition. For Haiti with Love’s Don DeHart says the climate in Haiti isn’t good. “It’s very, very frightening. It’s deteriorating and it’s anti American. The rhetoric that we’re having that he’s going to force the white people out – it might be a fright thing. It might be something to try to bring people in line to keep them quiet.” To make matters worse, the landlord of their headquarters in Haiti is forcing them to buy the building for 200-thousand dollars or get out. “We’re trying to raise the money to buy it because it’s such a excellent location. We’ve been here long enough that everybody knows we’re here. If we have to leave, we’re going to have to relocate someplace else and it’ll be kind of like starting all over again.” Which would cut down on the number of opportunities to share the Gospel.

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