Story number 1 for 1 Mar 2001

By March 1, 2001

(Philippines)–Headlining today’s news, a Christian in the Philippines has a 500-thousand peso price on his head because of his connection with a ministry working there. Robert Carpenter with Medical Ambassadors International says this man is running for mayor in the city of San Enrique. “Primarily, the reason there’s a price on his head is because he has committed to bring to Community Health Evangelism to San Enrique, which would try to irradiate things like gambling, cock fights, and the corruption in the government, corruption in law enforcement at exists.” According to Carpenter, their CHE program has seen similar success in nearby cities. “Community Health Evangelism seeks to change people from the inside. And, they change within the community and a lot of that means you’re changing habits. You’re changing moral values. You’re changing perceptions. And, you’re really radicalizing a community for Christ.”

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