Story number 1 for 10 May 2001

By May 10, 2001

(Indonesia)–Despite civil and political instability in Indonesia, ministry continues in the world’s largest Muslim nation. While Indonesians want President Wahid to step down and as Muslims attempt to rid areas of Christians, AMG International’s Paul Jenks says it isn’t stopping their work. “Our ministry in Indonesia is carried out entirely by national workers there. We have a seminary with a challenge to do church planting. We have a very effective newspaper evangelism ministry that goes on even in the face of all these difficulties, and a growing radio ministry.” Jenks is encouraging people to get involved and support their church workers for 50-dollars a month. “50-dollars a month is a significant part of their monthly need. And, they can have a part in a church planting ministry for just – what we would give to our children almost as an allowance. They can have a real impact on a church there in Indonesia.”

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