Story number 1 for 11 Apr 2002

By April 11, 2002

(Israel)–Heavy fighting in the Middle East tops today’s news. International aid agencies were unable to deliver urgently needed supplies to a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank. However, World Vision did manage to deliver food and medicines to the embattled city of Nablus. World Vision’s Dan Simmons. “We got the food in, we got in to the people who are really connected and networked and can help distribute it. They already know who the poorest are. They will be able to get it as long as they can get to where those folks are. That’s the challenge. They’re able to do it for most of Nablus, but they certainly cannot do it in the Old City.” Simmons says they working to bring more relief supplies into the embattled area. He adds that their work often prompts questions about their faith. “Our sharing of God’s love is a bit like the story that Jesus tells of loving your neighbor, the Good Samaritan. You do it without qualifications, you love without reserve, and you give witness to God’s love by what you do. But, I think the witness is the kind of witness that Jesus described where you love your neighbor, unconditionally.”

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