Story number 1 for 11 Feb 2000

By February 11, 2000

Topping today’s news Egypt is the target of an incredible evangelistic outreach.
On the heels of a two day series of meetings in Cairo that saw more than 150 people
turn to Christ, Sammy Tippit Ministries is planning an even larger event. Tippit says
an 800-church network will support the meetings. “We’re looking at in November of
this year, having all 800 of those churches involved in an evangelistic outreach in which
I would come and preach in one church, and through video distribution all the other
churches would participate. It’s got the potential to be one of the largest outreaches in
the history of the Middle East.” According to Tippit, the people of Egypt are ready for
such an event but prayer is needed. “I know that any time you go into the heart of a
great nation like this that it’s going to be a battle. And, so I would ask people to pray
for us that we would be wise, that God would protect everyone involved in this and
that they would see a great harvest.”

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