Story number 1 for 11 Feb 2003

By February 11, 2003

(International)–Topping the news, millions of Muslim pilgrims have made their way to Mecca, to observe religious rites as the shadow of war looms. It is under these conditions that The Bible League’s Dave Stravers reveals their ministry goals this year. While focused on regions of conflict, he says their work isn’t likely to have large adjustments because: “The people we serve are the ones who are right in the middle of the battle, so for us, the change in temperature is not as radical, because actually, there have been conflicts with Muslims, anti-Christian elements in these societies for a long time.” Stravers says conflict is a way of life for some believers. He adds that the oppression does little to dampen their fervor. However: “Many people hear the Gospel and they like what they hear about Jesus, but they don’t have the Bible, and they don’t know ‘what’s Jesus’ will for my life?’, so they say, ‘Pray that everyone touched by the Spirit will find a way to know the will of God’ , and that means Bibles.”

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