Story number 1 for 11 Jan 2000

By January 11, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in Moldova where Christian relief agencies are
essential to meeting the needs of the poor. Poor economic conditions in that
former Soviet Block Country means the government can’t help orphans and homeless
children. Mission without Boarder’s Moldova Director Christy Mocan explains. “The
government has a very low income because there’s no production going on. So, the
government is facing a serious cash flow problem. So, because of that, they are facing
a difficult time in meeting the needs of the orphanages for food.” Mocan says Mission
without Borders is providing food to help meet the need. He says that’s when they’re
able to share the Gospel. “For them, when they see our way of life, they say, wow! we
want to be like you. and, that’s when they become Christians. And, they in turn go
back to the orphanages and they become our missionaries.”

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