Story number 1 for 12 Apr 2002

By April 12, 2002

(Israel)–Our newscast begins today in the Middle East, where the headlines continue to blare news over the siege between Israel and Palestine. As the mortars turn cities and towns into twisted metal and dust, the people are calling for help. With several key cities under restrictions, relief supplies have dwindled. On Monday, a special convoy is expected to try to meet those needs. World Vision’s Dan Simmons explains. “We will be doing a caravan of relief supplies such as food and medicine. This was an effort that will be joined by many clergy going in with us. We’ve notified the authorities that this is what we’re doing. It is an effort to act on behalf of the powerless; give witness to God’s love.” Simmons says they are expectant at what God will do through this operation; please pray. “We are acting on the basis of the Geneva accords,which guarantees the right of civilian populations to receive humanitarian aid, and the right of humanitarian organizations to give those services.”

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