Story number 1 for 12 Aug 2003

By August 12, 2003

(Liberia)–We begin today in Liberia where President Charles Taylor has stepped down. Many missionaries and relief workers hope this ends 14 years of bloodshed in the country. World Vision’s Rich Moseanko is in Monrovia. “The news here is that he has already left. When all of that was taking place there were thousands of people cheering him good-bye. We do think this will usher in a age of peace that Liberia has not had for many, many years. So, we’re very optimistic as is the general population here in Liberia.” Moseanko believes this will also allow relief and missionary workers back into the country. World Vision needs help the more than 40-thousand who are displaced. “The needs are great. The instability has created an atmosphere where people could not go out and get food. And, as a consequence the elderly, the young children, the mothers with young children those people are the ones that have suffered the most.”

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