Story number 1 for 12 Feb 2001

By February 12, 2001

(Pakistan)–Topping the news, despite the acquittal earlier this month of three Christians charged with blasphemy, Christians are continuing to suffer severe penalties and persecution in Pakistan. The men were arrested a month ago following the showing of the Jesus Film. Voice of the Martyrs’ Ray Thorn tells us what’s happening now. “They’ve been charged with breaking the blasphemy law. They have several court cases that are pending and on February 19th, they go back to court with these charges. If there’s not some kind of intervention before them, these men can be sentenced to life imprisonment.” Thorn adds that prayer is needed not only for those involved in this case, but also for the body of Christ in Pakistan. “The persecution that the Christians are experiencing manifests in many different ways. It’s not always people being thrown into prison, being hanged or severe things such as this, but it can be discrimination.”

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