Story number 1 for 12 Jun 2000

By June 12, 2000

Today’s news begins in Israel where the country’s parliament gave preliminary approval for early elections. The move plunges Prime Minister Ehud Barak into a political crisis that could undermine his peacemaking with the Palestinians. Christians for Israel’s David Sudlow gives his take on the developments. “It does show how divided Israel is and it shows also that there’s a strong movement afoot to try to hang on to much of the land that was settled by the Israelis. I’m very hopeful because it shows that there are many Israelis who feel that the reason that they’re back on the land is because God has brought them there.” Sudlow adds that prayer is necessary for their ministry, but more importantly, that the body of Christ needs to stand alongside. “Our message is to the church that God is bringing them back, restoring them physically to the land first, in preparation for the spiritual restoration that is going to come.”

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