Story number 1 for 12 Nov 2002

By November 12, 2002

(Africa)–Topping the news, the devastation visited on Africa’s southern tip is a scourge of drought, AIDS, food shortage, poverty and political instability. With those elements in play, humanitarian agencies are having a tough time addressing the crisis. World Concern’s Kelly Miller. “We’ve been involved with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries distributing food to over 13-thousand [families]. We’d hoped those numbers would be a little bit higher, but with some of the difficulties in both Zimbabwe and Zambia, particularly the political climate, it’s made the distributions very difficult in some of the regions.” Miller says due to the politics, sometimes, sending aid hurts the people more than it helps. He asks people to pray because this crisis plays a role in meeting spiritual needs, too. “Being there is the statement. It shows that compassion, that love of Christ and it continues today. Many, many families are being fed through this work, and through the loving hands of the staff that are there.”

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